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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1988 TV Presidential Ad Guess who ?

Narrator: The White House isn't the place to learn how to deal with international crisis, the balance of power, war and peace, and the economic future of the next generation. A President has got to know the territory, but that's not enough. To win the White House, the Democratic nominee had better have a crystal clear vision of what the Democratic Party stands for. Joe Biden sees the Presidency as a pulpit from which America sets an example for the world. He believes that developing nations once saw America as more than a place; they saw us as an idea; A goal to reach for. He knows that they've lost confidence in us; that they see us losing our way; our resolve; our ideals. Joe Biden thinks it's time to remind the world of what America stands for. Freedom. Equality. Justice. Opportunity. He thinks it's time to put courage over compromise. Time to express America's outrage once again towards repression, brutality, violence, the abuse of human dignity around the world, and if the sparks fly, so be it...

The first part of the ad states "The White House isn't the place to learn" this was a reference made to Jessie Jackson who was running for President. The 2nd part is no differrent then what obama says about our country today 20 years later. Wow what a sad statement.

Joe Biden for President 1988

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