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Friday, August 29, 2008

CNN, MSNBC think McCain choice was wrong !!!

I have listen to all the hacks out there including CNN, MSNBC, and the Obama Campaign who think McCain's choice was wrong. Doesn't really matter!! If he had picked Governor Hutchinson then they would of said now we have two old people on the ticket, she has same old views as McCain. If he had picked Governor Tom Ridge then they would of said he is pro-choice we can't support the ticket he was in charge of the mess as the Secretary of Homeland Security. If McCain had picked Joe Lieberman the conservatives wouldn't of voted for a pro-choice candidate and his views are not in-line with the Republican Party if McCain picked Romney then everyone would of said we can't vote for a morman. I could keep going on but why!!!. This selection is John McCain's choice just as it was Obama's choice to pick Biden both candidates went in the opposite directions when picking there VP choice. Obama said of McCain he has been in the senate for two many years we need more outsiders. McCain said of Obama that he doesn't have the experience to lead the country. Now joe Biden is Obama's choice who has been in the senate longer then McCain and McCain picks Palin and she has less experience in Government then Obama.

Need I say more….. it's all " Just Words " coming from Both candidates which is more of the same of nothing.

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