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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It looks like Sarah Palin is under Troopergate investigation because of a sociopath

Monday, 1 September 2008 @ 5:00am • this is reported by

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Alaska legislators voted on July 28, 2008, to hire an independent investigator to explore whether Governor Palin, her family, or members of her administration pressured the former Public Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan, to fire a state trooper.

Molly McCann filed for divorce from Michael Wooten on April 11, 2005. On the same day, McCann filed for a domestic violence restraining order, and her father, Chuck Heath, called the Alaska State Troopers to complain about Wooten. The complaint initiated an administrative investigation into Wooten’s behavior. If the claims were substantiated, Wooten would be in violation of trooper conduct standards.

With the brouhaha about Palin’s recent firing of Commissioner Walt Monegan, Wooten has actually permitted the release of his personnel records. The Anchorage Daily News posted 14 documents, totaling 482 pages, including e-mails and transcripts of police investigation interviews.

Among the documents is an e-mail written by Sarah Palin. Back in 2005, the Alaska State Police started investigating Wooten, but his wife’s family was frustrated about the slow progress of the inquiry. On August 10, 2005, Palin, who at the time held no public office, sent the following e-mail to Col. Julia Grimes, who was then director of the Alaska State Troopers:

Dear Colonel Grimes,

It is my understanding that you are aware of problems within the Alaska State Trooper family that stem from one of your officers, Michael Wooten. My concern is that the public’s faith in the Troopers will continue to diminish as more residents express concerns regarding the apparent lack of action towards a Trooper whom is described by many as being “a ticking timebomb,” and a “loose cannon.”

Mike Wooten has continued to boast about incidences regarding his unethical and illegal actions that reflect so poorly on the Troopers, and appears to relish in the fact that he can “do anything because I’m a Trooper,” as he’s proclaimed to people who question his actions.

Let me share again with you just a few of the many episodes in Wooten’s recent past that have been discussed with Wooten’s supervisors after the episodes were publicly discussed by Wooten with many in our community who are left scratching their heads regarding Wooten’s poor reflection of the Trooper mission to prevent loss of life and property as a result of illegal or unsafe acts. (These are just a few, as I have received many calls and comments over the past four years about Wooten’s questionable actions and his relationship with my family. Wooten is my brother-in-law, but this information is forwarded to you objectively, and I trust it is received and considered by you objectively.)

March 26, 2005. Officer Wooten was off-duty, drinking at the Mugshot Saloon in Wasilla when he pulled out his Trooper badge and demanded the bartender (Mr. Chris Brightbill) remove a patron whom Wooten disliked. The bartender knew Wooten was off-base with his demands and subsequently testified that Wooten was out of control, was abusing his position and authority and should not be in the position of a licensed Trooper, as he believes Wooten is a “loose cannon.” (Private Investigator Leonard Hackett, interview and statement of Brightbill on 6/27/05.) Wooten eventually left the bar, was pulled over after a REDDI was called into Trooper dispatch after the caller observed Wooten driving drunk, and Wooten was pulled over. (Ironically, Wooten has been a member of your DUI Task Force and is featured in your television DUI Task Force PSAs.) The trooper who pulled Wooten over is Officer Dave Harrell. He has served as a subordinate to Wooten. He did not cite Wooten for drunk driving, but merely gave Wooten a ride to a friend’s house after responding to the REDDI. Wooten then called his wife (Molly McCann), explained that he was over the legal limit, and his wife picked him up at the friend’s house and warned Wooten that his drinking and driving would “catch up with him” as he continued to disregard warnings about his drinking and driving practice in our small town. Wooten told others about this incident as a braggart way of reminding others the he is “untouchable” as a Trooper.

Around this time, Wooten rode with his girlfriend, Mrs. Angie Johnson, home from another local bar after another night of drinking. Mrs. Johnson was pulled over by a Trooper for suspected drunk driving. Acording to Wooten’s account of the evening, he leaned over from the passenger window and demanded the responding Trooper to turn off his recorder and not cite Mrs. Johnson. She was not cited for the DUI. Wooten subsequently bragged about this incidence to others, including Steven Menard, again casting doubt in the public about the sincerity of the Trooper’s mission.

Wooten drinks excessively and has showed extremely poor judgment and disregard for others’ safety with this practice of drinking and driving, including on Jan. 19, 2005 drove home drunk; Jan. 23, 2005 drove home drunk after Super Bowl party in Anchorage; Feb. 6, 2005 in Anchorage leaving the Sullivan Arena’s WWE Pro Wrestling event, drove very drunk as he drank Crown Royal straight from bottle, brought the Crown Royal into the Sullivan in PowerAde bottle and petrified his stepson who was with Wooten in the vehicle; Feb. 12, 2005 in Wasilla; Feb. 13, 2005 drove drunk in Big Lake (leaving Call of the Wild Bar, next day so hung over he had to call in sick to Trooper Headquarters); March 13, 2005 drank at least three beers in car while driving family home from Glennallen snowmachine trip, driving over the speed limit and scaring his wife and kids who begged him to stop drinking on the drive home. Wooten’s consumption of alcohol while driving with small children in his vehicle (as witnessed by his wife and stepson, Molly and Payton McCann) is deplorable. He’s even left a friend’s home in his Trooper car, waving with beer in hand, again drinking and driving in an arrogant public statement declaring he is above the law (as witnessed by Adrian and Marilyn Lane).

Editor’s note: At this point some of the e-mail is cut off. The next paragraph appears to refer to an incident in which Wooten illegally shot a moose.

meat, so dropped the animal off at his father-in-law’s house (Chuck Heath) and never returned to even pick up the meat after Mr. Heath processed it for him so it wouldn’t go to waste. Mr. Heath delivered the meat to Wooten’s house after Wooten showed no intention of retrieving the meat. This hunt was witnessed by Wooten’s wife and Wasilla Police Officer Chris Watchus. Wooten continues to brag about the strings he says he pulled to get this transfer, where he says he’s bored, but “the free hunting trips and Cabella credit card make it worth it.” He’s recently stated he’s determined to get on with the Anchorage Police Dept., due to his boredom at Fish and Game, although APD officers whom Wooten has shared this with have let others know that he wouldn’t make a good APD officer.

Another example that Wooten likes to share with others regarding his unethical and illegal hunting techniques involves a wolf hunt where he illegally chased down the animal with his snowmachine to kill it unfairly. This was witnessed by Chuck Heath and his hunting partners.

Wooten’s total disregard for the safety of others was blatantly apparent when he shot his 11-year-old stepson, Payton, with his Taser gun. My 14-year-old daughter (Bristol Palin), was terrified as she witnessed this incidence, and pleaded with Wooten not to follow through on his intended action of “letting Payton feel what a Taser can do.” Wooten “offered” to shoot Bristol with the Taser after Payton was knocked over by the shock and Bristol continued to protest Wooten’s action, and he followed up by offering to spray them both with pepper spray so they could “feel that, too.” Wooten’s wife aggressively protested during the Taser gun incident, she cried, he calls her and Payton “f****** pussys” for protesting.

Wooten’s physical abuse of his wife is documented in their pending divorce case. He pushed her down on more than one occasion, including when she was holding their one-year-old son. Molly has been very reluctant to bring the physical abuse to light because Wooten’s temper causes her to believe he’ll be even more physically violent towards her, and others in her family whom he has threatened to “bring down,” with the revelations. Wooten’s gun, car and badge were evidently taken from him while a DVRO was in effect this spring, that turned into a No Contact rule between the parties and Wooten brazenly shows off his Trooper equipment now that he has it all back in his possession.

February 17, 2005. Wooten’s marital infidelity surfaced publicly after his Trooper-sponsored trip to Idaho “for official business” on Jan. 28, 2005 included his married girlfriend’s accompaniment. When confronted with this affair that others in the community were talking about, Wooten threatened to kill his wife’s father, Chuck Heath, if Mr. Heath followed through with his offer to help Molly by getting an attorney to help her if they were to divorce. Wooten’s words were, “I will kill him. He’ll eat a f****** lead bullet, I’ll shoot him” if our father got the attorney to help Molly. I heard this death threat, my 16-year-old son heard it (Track Palin), Molly heard it, as did their small children. Wooten spoke this with his Trooper gun on his hip in an extremely intimidating fashion, leaving no doubt he is serious about taking someone’s life who disagrees with him.

Other recent examples of Wooten’s abuse of authority include Spring, 2005. Wooten refused to pay a fine at the Mat-Su Borough Landfill when told his uncovered load would cost him a $5 fine. (Private Investigator Leonard Hackett interview and statement 6/28/05.) Wooten introduced himself as a Trooper, was agitated and trying to be intimidating (indicated by Landfill Manager Mr. Greg Goodale, and Goodale’s subordinate who had to deal with Wooten that day). Wooten eventually paid the small fine after trying to get out of it because of his Trooper status, and after the Landfill Manager had to be called in to settle the dispute caused by Wooten. This type of incident has resulted in citizens calling me, assuming there is something I can do about an abusive and intimidating Trooper who is giving the State of Alaska such a black eye.

Wooten has threatened to “bring down” anyone whom he dislikes, or anyone who would support his current wife (his third) during their divorce. When asked by Molly how he would accomplish this, Wooten states he can trump up charges against anyone and “I’ll be believed by any attorney or judge in this state because I’m a Trooper.” Specifically, on April 4, 2005, Wooten was counseled by my husband (Todd Palin) to join Molly in acting civilly and with maturity during their divorce - for the sake of the nine kids they and Wooten’s girlfriend have between them all - and who are adversely affected by these circumstances. Wooten evidently took umbrage with the advice and that day told Molly she’d better “put a leash on your sister” or he’d “bring Sarah Palin down.”

Wooten has threatened Molly that she’d better not talk about any of this, as he claims he has “bugged her phone” and, using his State investigation equipment, knows everything she’s doing and saying. Molly is justifiably extremely intimidated and scared for her and her kids’ safety.

April 11, 2005. Wooten did not show up for work, where he was to be served a DVRO. Sgt. Burke Waldron talked to Wooten’s wife and encouraged her to get the DVRO, though Molly was scared to death that Wooten could, and would, destroy her if she did. Molly was told that Judicial Services would handle the DV “in order to keep things a little more confidential.” Molly expressed concern that even those in Judicial Serves may know Wooten (as Wooten continually reminded Molly that he had the court system and personnel on his side because he was a Trooper), and Molly was told that since they do know Wooten, Molly needed to “stay safe and be protected.”

Julia, as lifelong Alaskans, my family and I and concerned community members who have witnessed your employee’s actions still want to have faith in the Alaska State Troopers. But with recent public disclosure of abuses in the Trooper organization, and our own knowledge of Wooten’s blatant disregard for the laws he is hired to enforce, our faith is waning. I feel strongly that Wooten is a loose cannon. He’s a ticking timebomb, as others describe him, and I am afraid his actions do not merely reflect poorly on the State, but his actions may cause someone terrible harm.

It is my understanding that months ago you were made aware of Wooten’s problems. Wooten’s supervisors, the Alaska State Police Standards Council, and others in positions of authority are aware of these circumstances. So the question begs: Is it acceptable for an Alaska State Trooper to use his badge and power in these aforementioned ways? Granted, Trooper Investigator Ron Wahl was sent to ask questions regarding some of these incidences, but his selective questioning and his personal responses to answers given (and his assurance that it’s Wooten’s Union that prohibits certain lines of questioning) makes one wonder about the seriousness taken here. Wooten does not tell the truth. He intimidates people and abuses his position. I don’t know what more can be said, except that considering just a few examples from those I’ve shared with you (namely, the death threat against my father who is merely trying to help his daughter escape a horribly abusive relationship, the illegal hunting, and the drunk driving!) all would lead a rational person to believe there is a problem inside the organization.

Sarah Palin

P.S. Again, Wooten happens to be my brother-in-aw, and after his infidelity and physical abuse of his wife (my sister) surfaced, Mike chose to leave his family and has continued to threaten to “bring down” anyone who supports her. I would ask that you objectively consider this information, disregarding my sister’s pending divorce from Wooten, as I have objectively separated the divorce and Wooten’s threats against me and my family with the fact that the Troopers have a loose cannon on their hands.

Can anyone say sociopath?

In my opinion, Sarah Palin’s description of Michael Wooten is the description of a sociopath. To see if there was any more evidence supporting my opinion, I looked up Alaska court records about him. Here’s what I found:

Jan. 5, 2001—Wooten was found guilty of careless driving.
June 6, 2006—The Alaska USA Federal Credit Union took him to small claims court and won a default judgment against for more than $2,500.
August 27, 2007—The marriage of Angela D. Johnson and Michael G. R. Wooten was dissolved. Yes, he married and divorced again since the divorce from Molly McCann.
April 28, 2008—Alaska USA Federal Credit Union won another judgment against him for $18,942.72.
So in addition to lying, intimidation, physical violence, abuse of power, drunk driving and threats of retaliation, Wooten has financial judgments against him and another marriage and divorce. My guess is that he would score high on the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised.

State Police investigation

In its story entitled Is Wooten a good trooper?, published on July 27, 2008, the Anchorage Daily News summarized the complaints lodged against him in 2005 that implied conduct unbecoming of a state trooper:

Troopers eventually investigated 13 issues and found four in which Wooten violated policy or broke the law or both:

• Wooten used a Taser on his stepson.

• He illegally shot a moose.

• He drank beer in his patrol car on one occasion.

• He told others his father-in-law would “eat a f’ing lead bullet” if he helped his daughter get an attorney for the divorce.

After the investigation, Wooten was suspended for 10 days. Col. Julia Grimes wrote Wooten a letter to inform him of the suspension. In it, she elaborated on the results of the investigation and described previous infractions in his file. Grimes stated, “The record clearly indicates a serious and concentrated pattern of unacceptable and at times, illegal activity occurring over a lengthy period, which establishes a course of conduct totally at odds in the ethics of our profession.”

The police union, however, protested, and Wooten’s suspension was cut to five days.

Wooten’s revenge

Yesterday, the McClatchy news service, which supplies articles to newspapers throughout the country, published a story about Troopergate. It begins, “The first serious scandal in Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s administration has roots in a family feud.”

Describing Sarah Palin’s concerns about Mike Wooten as a “family feud” trivializes what seem to me to be extremely legitimate concerns about his behavior, and legitimate concerns about superior officers who refused to fire him.

The problem, of course, is that people do not understand the nature of a sociopath, and do not understand how dangerous Wooten is. The police union gets involved, Palin’s political enemies get involved, and they characterize the whole issue as the governor abusing her power to extract revenge against a cop because of a family feud.

Regardless of what happens in the presidential election, I’m worried that if people believe that version of the story, Mike Wooten might actually make good on his threat and bring Sarah Palin down.

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Anonymous said...

the short story pretty well lays out this vendetta of the palins the
this in addition to todd palins false report of wooten cheating on workmans comp
using trooper vehicle to take kids to school oked by his boss
how old we now 12??????????????????

Warned by the Court

A judge repeatedly told Palin and family not to badmouth her sister's ex
Mark Hosenball
Newsweek Web Exclusive
Sep 9, 2008 | Updated: 7:36 p.m. ET Sep 9, 2008

An Anchorage judge three years ago warned Sarah Palin and members of
her family to stop "disparaging" the reputation of Alaska State
Trooper Michael Wooten, who at the time was undergoing a bitter
separation and divorce from Palin's sister Molly.

Allegations that Palin, her husband Todd, and at least one top
gubernatorial aide continued to vilify Wooten—after Palin became
Alaska's governor and pressured state police officials to take action
against him—are at the center of "Troopergate," a political and
ethical controversy which has embroiled Palin's administration and is
currently the subject of an official inquiry by a special investigator
hired by the state legislature.

Court records obtained by NEWSWEEK show that during the course of
divorce hearings three years ago, Judge John Suddock heard testimony
from an official of the Alaska State Troopers' union about how Sarah
Palin—then a private citizen—and members of her family, including her
father and daughter, lodged up to a dozen complaints against Wooten
with the state police. The union official told the judge that he had
never before been asked to appear as a divorce-case witness, that the
union believed family complaints against Wooten were "not
job-related," and that Wooten was being "harassed" by Palin and other
family members.

Court documents show that Judge Suddock was disturbed by the alleged
attacks by Palin and her family members on Wooten's behavior and
character. "Disparaging will not be tolerated—it is a form of child
abuse," the judge told a settlement hearing in October 2005, according
to typed notes of the proceedings. The judge added: "Relatives cannot
disparage either. If occurs [sic] the parent needs to set boundaries
for their relatives."

A spokesperson for the law firm that represented Palin's sister, now
known as Molly Hackett, said Hackett's lawyer would have no comment
because custody issues are still in litigation. Other lawyers
representing Sarah Palin in connection with the state legislative
investigation—which is examining whether she abused her powers as
governor in trying to have Wooten fired or disciplined—had no
immediate comment. Palin's official gubernatorial spokeswoman did not
respond to e-mails and a phone message requesting comment.

Wooten's lawyer also did not respond to messages requesting comment.
John Cyr, executive director of the State Troopers union, who
testified at the divorce hearing and is acting as Wooten's spokesman,
said Wooten has avoided giving media interviews because he wants to
avoid criticizing his former relatives (to date, Wooten has granted
just one interview, to CNN).

As the divorce case dragged on, the judge's concern about family
"disparagement" appeared to deepen. In an order signed Jan. 31, 2006,
which granted Palin's sister and Wooten a final divorce decree, Judge
Suddock continued to express concern about attacks by Palin's family
on Wooten. The judge even threatened to curb Palin's sister's child
custody rights if family criticism of Wooten continued.

In monitoring how a joint-custody arrangement worked out, the judge
said in his order that he would pay particular attention to problems
noted by a "custody investigator," specifically "the disparagement of
the father [Wooten] by the mother [Molly Hackett, Sarah Palin's
sister] and her family members."

"It is the mother's [Hackett's] responsibility to set boundaries for
her relatives and insure [sic] they respect them, and the
disparagement by either parent, or their surrogates is emotional child
abuse," Judge Suddock wrote. He added that: "If the court finds it is
necessary due to disparagement in the Mat-Su Valley [the area north of
Anchorage where Palin and her extended family live], for the
children's best interests, it [the court] will not hesitate to order
custody to the father and a move into Anchorage." Cyr, the union
official, said that to his knowledge, no such move was ever ordered.

The "Troopergate" special investigator, former prosecutor Steve
Branchflower, was hired by a unanimous vote of state legislative
leaders. His mission: to investigate whether Palin fired Walter
Monegan—her State Public Safety Commissioner (and the official in
charge of the State Police)—when he refused to dismiss or open a new
disciplinary investigation of Wooten after receiving complaints about
him from Gov. Palin and her husband Todd. Initially, Palin indicated
she would cooperate with the investigation. But more recently, a
lawyer hired by the state to represent her in the case asked the
Alaska Attorney General to request that a state personnel board
conduct its own special-counsel inquiry and demanded that the state
legislature back off.

At the heart of the continuing "Troopergate" flap is evidence that
despite Judge Suddock's warnings back in 2005 and 2006, Palin and her
husband continued to make disparaging allegations against Wooten, even
after she went to the statehouse. During her first security briefing
with a representative of the state police, Palin and Todd were both
asked whether they knew of any potential physical threats against
them, according to a deposition taken from one of Palin's top aides
following her election in Nov. 2006. Both said the only threat they
were aware of was posed by Wooten.

The Palins later raised allegations about Wooten with public-safety
chief Monegan, according to an account Monegan gave to The Washington
Post. Last February, a top Palin gubernatorial aide named Frank Bailey
criticized Wooten in detail in a conversation with another senior
state-police official. Bailey repeated previous charges made by the
Palins against the trooper—including allegations that he had Tasered
his stepson; driven a cop car while holding a beer; and shot a moose
without a permit (charges which resulted in his suspension for five
days without pay as a trooper). But Bailey also made a new allegation:
that Wooten might have submitted a questionable workers' compensation
claim. The state police recorded Bailey's conversation, and Palin
later released it after Monegan's sacking.

Palin and Bailey both said that Palin did not instigate Bailey's
complaints about Wooten to the police. Bailey, who is now on paid
leave from his state job, has said that in trashing Wooten to state
police management, he had "overstepped my boundaries … I should not
have spoken for the governor, or Todd, for that matter."

In a press release issued last week by her new lawyer, Palin continued
to attack the character of Wooten—still serving as a state trooper in
Palin's hometown of Wasilla. The release repeats allegations that
Wooten had threatened members of her family, including her father,
with violence; that Wooten had threatened to "bring" Palin and members
of her family "down;" and that Wooten had once been the subject of a
court-imposed domestic-violence protection order. A court filing by
Wooten's lawyer indicates that within months of being issued, the
violence protection order was dismissed.
(c) 2008
if your looking for a sociopath look at sarah and todd
molly mcann testifed to the judge wooten never had physically abused
her.the judge immediately cancelled the dvro with mollys approval and changed it to a no contact order
of course you didnt do enough checking to find that because your biased. wooten does not have a single conviction for anything physical.
so in 2001 7 years ago he got a ticket. are you perfect?
the palin family coordinated there complaints to the filing of the divorce this is according to bristol palin. so why dont you ask her.
track told of sarah lying under oath also. in regard to molly calling her when wooten was mad. its exactly the reverse sarah called molly then hung up called back and molly left the phone on so she could hear.
sarah went over to mollys and stood with a neighbor in there driveway watching she got so upset that she left and went to a meeting.
a second time sarah called a neighbor asked to go see if molly was ok and what they found is wooten getting yelled at by molly and trying to get away from her.
the palin family has consistently ignored and violated a court order to leave wooten alone that was issued during the divorce.
todd has falsely accused of workmans comp fraud and as a result they stopped his workmans comp till they drove him into bankruptcy cause he was hurt from a back injury sustained when helping get a body out of the car. wooten eventually had surgery for this
the fact is he was snowmobiling 100 miles from wasilla and todd palin had followed him the activity was oked to do by his doctor. so theres one instance of harrasment; todd complained that wooten taking his kids to school in the trooper car
which had been prior oked by his boss
if theres any sociopaths to be found its the palin family
as someone not involved if theres harrasement to be found its on the part of the palin family. you will find no citations or convictions for physical violence because hes never done anything and i am being to beleive that he never threateend chuck heath this is something that molly and sarah told him about a month after it happened
i read yesterday wooten is making the case for a civil suit so hopefuly the palins and heaths will lose everything they have paying him then maybe theyll learn not to lie. they will have a place to live in the governors mansion till sarah is booted out of office

wooten sounds more like loudmouth than someone that actually physically assaults people. you found no records for any type of physical behavior. the palins filed 36 complaints against wooten and 4 were upheld does that tell you anything. there a bunch of wingnuts!!!!