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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Movie Review of FAITH OF MY FATHERS ABOUT John McCain

I have done a lot of research about John McCain over the past year and although I personally believe some of his views tend to be on the more liberal side. His service to our country on the other hand showed us courage and strength, which was so inspiring. This man has made many tough choices in his life. Although the movie didn’t go as far as it should have on telling the whole story, it gave me enough to think about once the movie ended. John McCain served his country with honor like so many before him and after him. But, this story tells me a lot about the person, the man who is running for President it goes to his convictions. Whether you agree with him or not on the issues you know where he stands when it comes to love of country. When the Obama Campaign runs an ad stating that John McCain is out of touch because he can’t Email, that’s pretty much one of the most sick and insensitive things you could say about someone who has a disability caused from the torture he received as a POW, everyone knows this man can not raise his arms above his shoulders and the disability doesn’t allow him to have the skills in regards to the use of a Key board for typing. I know campaigns can be tough on both sides when it comes to stretching the truth. But saying someone is out of touch because of the views on our economy is one thing but making fun of a disability is another. Right or wrong John McCain has been his own man when it comes to the issues he cares about most. He has stood up against his party many times over and doesn’t care what they think or say about him, he is tough. This movie is a must see for all people.

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