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Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama, McCain Debate was a “TIE”

This was not a very good debate by either Presidential Candidate; there were a lot of sound bits as answers but no real substance. McCain should have done better with Foreign Affairs questions but didn’t, and Obama didn’t really do well with domestic issues either. Both candidates got a little flustered with each other it showed with Obama face turning red and McCain face changing shape and twitching. Both candidate’s raised good questions about there opponent but neither one of them addressed those concerns.
Obama on a question of him not holding hearing on Afghanistan referred to Joe biden being better equipped to handle foreign policy was a bad answer. John McCain referring to Governor Palin as the person that understands foreign policy was also a bad answer. I believe, as mush as I don’t like to say it, that Hillary Clinton would be a better President then these two people. Neither one of these two candidates get it.

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