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Thursday, October 23, 2008

2 Police Officers Shot an illegal at NYC Subway Station

NEW YORK — A illegal immigrant Dominican man that snuck back into the U.S.
being arrested in a New York City subway station struggled with two officers, grabbed one of their guns and shot both of them during the Tuesday evening rush, police said.

A lieutenant working at the Queens subway station shot the suspect in his legs and torso as he tried to flee, police said.

The two plainclothes transit officers wore bulletproof vests protecting their chests.

Officer Shane Farina, who was shot near his sternum and suffered a broken rib, was in critical but stable condition Tuesday night. Officer Jason Maass, who was shot in the lower back, was in stable condition.

The suspect was identified as Raul Nunez, 32, of the Dominican Republic; he was in police custody at a hospital and his condition wasn't disclosed.

Police said Nunez was being arrested because he entered the station by swiping a child's discounted subway fare card, which set off a warning light near the turnstile. The student cards are illegal for non-student use.

Police said Lt. Gary Abrahall, working in a booth in the station's upper level, radioed the two officers on the station platform when he noticed the warning light.

Farina and Maass approached Nunez, identified themselves and got one handcuff on him when he began resisting, police said.

The suspect grabbed one officer's gun and fired at both of them as they lay on the ground, police said. He took an escalator to the upper level, where Abrahall confronted him.

Nunez fired three more times before Abrahall fired six shots, hitting Nunez four times, police said.

Farina, 38, joined the police department four years ago. Maass, 28, joined in 2006.

Prosecutors said Nunez will be charged with attempted murder. A phone listing for him was not available

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