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Monday, October 06, 2008

Thank you McCain and Obama for making the wrong decision

The 700-billon bail out vote appears to have created more of a mess throughout the world then restoring confidence with the markets. Friday after the vote for the bail out markets on wall street reacted by dropping further which continued Monday morning by further dropping 329 points by 7:11 am PST. As I have stated before this bill was a bad bill, and that it only would create more panic throughout all markets. The bill has only reassured the bigger problem that throwing money out there to purchase bad debt doesn’t restore confidence but lets us know that we don’t understand the problem fully. There was only one good thing that happen in this bill, that our senators were allowed to add more pork for stupid programs that had nothing to do with the crisis. John McCain made the biggest blunder of life by voting for a bill that would not restore confidence but create more havoc in the markets. It has been well known the distain John McCain had for the bush administration but Obama has successfully has linked the two together by showing his voting record over the last 8 years to be 95%, but since the 2006 election McCain has not linked Obama to bush by voting 86% of his short time in the senate. Being a bipartisan senator doesn’t pay when you don’t stand with citizens of your country when making the important decisions.

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