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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rebublicans just need to say "NO" Before approving the bailouts

To all Republicans in Congress. Before approving the bailouts, please insure that tax reductions are more important than those billions of liberal give aways.
Please don’t approve the following:
1. The approximate $4.6 billion bailout to ACORN, the fraudulent agency of the liberals party and the matermind of the sub-prime mess.
2. $325 million bailouts to STD, the cause of STD are due to gays bad lifestyles, instead isolate them to prevent their diseases being transferred to innocents.
3. Don’t bailout foreign abortions, and local US abortions. Prevent illegals from transporting their pregnancies to the US to deliver babies here.
4. Don’t approve 32 additional government programs. This is a part of the org. labor union in order to earn more for campaign ocntributions to the libs. It sounds like porks.
5. Please don’t approve the $600 million to replace government transportations. It won’t stimulate economy. The old transportations eqpts. will be an environmental menace.

These are all wasteful spending. Money that we don’t have. The stimulus package must provide immediate solutions to our crippling economy.

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