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Friday, April 03, 2009

Join SEIU and President Obama on the Free Choice ACT

Explaining this deal between the President and SEIU Largest Union must start with a little back ground on unions in this country. Unions came about a century ago due to 72-hour workweeks, unsafe working conditions, and wages.

The goal of the unions were to achieve goals for better wages, hours, and working conditions. Today there are almost 16 million U.S workers who belong to unions. The SEIU Union has about 1.8 million members that represent clerical staff, nurses, janitors, doctors, engineers, and Librarians who is the largest Union in the United States today. Over the years the unions have lost their influence due to the corruption within the ranks of the unions, and non-union companies offering better working conditions.

Non-union companies over the past 30 years have managed to make Unions less favorable by bringing up the standards of offering comparable wages, working conditions, employee participation with the direction of companies they work for, and with emphasis on promotions and grievances.

Wal-Mart and the many foreign automobile plants in the U.S like BMV, Mercedes Benz and others have rejected union representations because the views of its employees, That the benefits offered by the Unions are not enough to cover the expense of the dues that would have to be paid to the union for membership.

In 2007 the SEIU Union saw an opportunity with then senator Obama because of his background of being a community organizer, and who also shared in there folasify of National Health Care, and the role of the Unions. Felt this was the right time to make their move.

The Unions President of SEIU Andy Stern endorsed Obama in the Democratic Primary, and spent over $30 million in independent expenditures to get out the vote in many states, by knocking on almost 2 million doors, and sending out just under 3 million pieces of mail while registering 86,000 voters along with the non-profit organization Acorn.

Card Check Explained

So now its pay back time for all the SEIU did to get Obama Elected
What does the SEIU get in return? Help from the President to boost Union membership, and since President Obama and the government has nationalized banks and some of the auto companies with tarp funds and loan guarantees to GM and Chrysler. President Obama is the New CEO of many of these companies.
Employee Free Choice Act Presentation

You will never see President Obama hold the unions accountable for breaking the backs of these car companies by requiring high wages, medical, and long-term retirement plans. But, you will see president Obama force these companies to work for less money and to force them to conform to the President Obama agenda on how he believes the car companies should be building cars like getting rid of those big SUV guzzlers, that the Americans once had a choice in buying at one time.

SEIU is also pushing President Obama to fire Bank Of America Chairman and Chief Executive Kenneth Lewis. Why you ask, its simple. So that the President can place a weak CEO in place and Help SEIU to Unionize Bank of America Tellers, as well as other smaller banks, as we watch the biggest expansion of labor unions since the great depression take hold in America.

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