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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Party Whiners

It appears the left wing media along with our President still don’t get it or don’t care enough about what the Tea Parties mean to the folks who have to pay the taxes placed upon them, or in fact are upset with the notion of our local state governments raising taxes so high to cover their out of control spending on programs that don’t benefit all Americans but do benefit half of those Americans who don’t pay any taxes now under the new presidents spending bill. You have spokes holes like Robert Gibbs telling reporters that he doesn’t understand this protest because these folks under the president’s plans are getting tax rebates. But tax rebates only go so far when Americans who are being taxed to the limit to drive their cars and purchase clothing and food to live.

Taxpayers at these rallies are also upset with the amount of spending and borrowing this administration is doing, they all know borrowing from China is not the way to go, and in fact causes a security issue with the sovereignty of the United States when it comes to negotiations that are in the United States interest when dealing with nations like North Korea who are building nuclear reactors for the sole purpose to build and sell weapons of mass destruction to the enemies of the United Sates. How can we put any pressure on China to help us with North Korea when we owe them so much money? China knows this and has no intentions of cooperating with the U.S.
These Tea Parties were not just Republicans, they were also Libertarians and Democrats who have many concerns with the direction and the condition of the country after the local governments and federal governments have put the burden of all this spending on our children's future leaving them the mess to clean up.

Statements by CNN reporters calling these protesters tea baggers and whiners, don’t necessarily fix the issues at hand, but it does show there bias reporting when it comes to protecting this administration. CNN and MSNBC blaming Fox for their participation in the rallies makes for some great entertainment, FOX News is only doing what the other media outlets won't do, and that’s reporting news. There were more then 2000 reported Tea Parties around the country with some being held at peoples homes to large events at city halls and government buildings all around the United States, not just on the day of the event but also covering last weekend.

As for the success of these Tea Parties how will it affect the Republican Party, no one really knows. The Republican Party is still in a state of influx and am not really sure why either. These Tea Parties around the country are a gift to any party who believes the country is going in the wrong direction, with spending our way out of a bad situation. If the Republicans can't seize on this moment then it will make it that more difficult for the Party to regain seats in future elections.

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